CPL Class Plus Training


   NRA personal protection in the home concealed pistol class

The Concealed Pistol “Plus” Training Class

Overview and content

There are two parts that make up the content of the Michigan CPL Course

1.The State of Michigan

The concept and goals of the class is to provide the time and training needed that will help the applicant reach the higher level of skill required to carry a concealed pistol.

This is a two-day class that have two seperate training objectives, they are classroom and range.

Seperate range and class dates are scheduled for each month. The applicant can attend any of the days published.

The CPL Plus class contains the following training segments:

1.    On line home study training

2.    Classroom academics that include

3.    Range preparation

4.    Simulated shooting skills

5.    NRA required content

6.    Review on line written tests

7.    Live fire Shooting skills

Day one contains segments 1-5:  6.0 hours 

Day two is live fire range.  2.0



Firearms and CPL Laws

Use of force and deadly force

Review on line written tests

Handgun transportation and storage

Handgun safety and operation

Simulated shooting skills (see video)

·         Rehearse live fire skills

·         Improve shooting skills

·         Demonstrate safe handgun operation

Content pictures

NRA book

Legal study guide


One fee pays all fee


1.    State content

2.    NRA content

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