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The New Handgun Training Specialists

The NEW HANDGUN TRAINING SPECIALISTS represents the results of years of teaching and firearms training experience with the desire to create a new and improved firearms training experience.

The NEW HANDGUN TRAINING SPECIALISTS is preparing the way forward for handgun owners and CPL Applicants with a major breakthrough in innovative training programs and teaching methods.


We combine four elements of training with OUR unique teaching method for a complete training experience.

Our use of four elements that provide a total training experience

(1) online computer training

(2) classroom

(3) shooting simulator

(4) live fire range time.


With our new training format, you will be able to -

1. Expand training time

2. Increase quality

3. Increase knowledge and skill

4. Control the cost of training.


Offices and Training Located in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Range facilties at Accurate Range in Clarkston, Mi.

Contact Phone: 248-309-9579

E mail:

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Professional Instructors

Code of Ethics and Conduct.

"The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a professional or a professional person."

Professionalism exist only when a service is performed for someone or for the common good.

Professionalism is achieved only after extended training, preparation, study, and research.

Professionals must be able to reason logically and accurately.

Professionalism requires the ability to make good judgmental decisions.

A professional cannot limit his or her actions and decisions to standard practice.

Professionalism demands a code of ethics.

Professionals must be true to themselves and who they serve.

Anything less than a sincere performance is quickly detected and immediately destroys their effectiveness.


Our Sraff

Gerald (Jerry) Wrage Owner HGTS - read more

 30 years + as a professional instructor and program development

 NRA certified Instructor - all Disciplines

 Former Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

 NRA Range Safety Officer


    Rick Billington - Associate Instructor

  •    NRA Certified Instructor

  •    Range Safety Officer

  •    Former Law Enforcement

  •    Licensed Private Investigator

  •    20 - years experience


Michael S. Klockow, PLLC  248-390-3564

         Attorney at Law

  •      Legal Counsel

  •     CPL Firearms Violations

  •     Full time practicing attorney




Handgun Training Specialists

556 Tennyson

Rochester Hill, Mi. 48307