Basic Handgun Training

 Safe, reliable and accurate shooting begins with a strong base 


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Course Description:

This course is for the new handgun owner, and those that would like to develop good basic shooting skills including those with a concealed pistol permit. 

You will build a strong foundation needed now and in the future. You will learning handgun safety, the fundamentals of marksmanship, the elements of a good shooting position and handgun cleaning and maintenance.

The Basic Training Course Content - Class and range times are based on previous experience and are and may be altered to meet the students needs.

Computer based home study preparation program:  2.0 hours

Class Length : 4.0 hours

Class time: 2.0 hour 

Range: 2.0 hours

Classroom content

  • Handgun Operation and Safety

  •  Basic shooting skills

  • Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance


Learn and demonstrate

  • Proper Range Procedures

  • Safe handgun Operation

  • The basics of correct shooting skills  

Website Support Links:

Our web based home study HeadStart training preparation program and our exclusive Shooting Skill Development Training Method  will provide the means for a person to progress from their current handgun skill and knowledge to their desired goal in a safe, efficient and organized manner.  The process will assures maximum retention of the class material

Class information request - use this to see a list training courses offered request more information link to web site


 Equipment Required:

  • 100 - rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection (furnished by the range)

  • One handgun (we have handguns to use if necessary) click here

  • One baseball cap

 Optional Support Material

The following student training and reference material are supplied with the course

Handgun are available for use at no additional cost

One  DVD with all course material

Certificate of completion issued and access to our exclusive "student support" program

Available at extra cost:

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Handbook $19.95

It is recommended that you purchase at least one manual per family.


Additional optional training: 

 25.00 hour and any required or requested range and ammunition costs

For convenience please try to add additional components to the day of your scheduled class

1.  Handgun Cleaning - 2 hours

2. Firearms law and legal Liability - 2 hours

3.  Home Safety and Self defense - 2 hours

4. Simulated Practical and Tactical training reality based training - 2-3 hours















Contact information

Handgun Training Specialists

Phone 248-844-8274

 Private Class Fee Chart

Formatted for groups of 6 or less

 A Registration Deposit of 50% to be paid when class is confirmed. balance due at completion of training