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 CPL Class Preparation and Legal Update Study Guide

Preparing the way forward for the Michigan CPL applicant

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Michigan CPL Study Guide Overview

We at HGTS are proud to present The on line Michigan CPL Study Guide.

The objective is to have a one source guide that will provide a complete training enviorment. 

The Study Guide is designed to be user firiendly and encourage the user to take their time and STUDY THE MATERIAL. There is on time limit.

The Guide is updated as new laws become avaialable and study material is developed. Those who use the STUDY GUIDE are entered in our update data base.  Meaning you are sent material as it occures. This is another form of continued education.

Material is presented in several formats such as Video, Adobe PowerPoint Presenter, Slide Shows and  Digital Book Publications.


CPL Study program outline

The CPL Study Guide serves two purposes:

1.  Initial CPL Class preparation

2.  The 3 hours of required training for the CPL renewal

This program meets and exceeds the renewal "three hours of required review"  for the legal Update Program.   

There are four (4) study group catagories, each on its own web page.  A group is the training material and a matching test each

 designed for a specific topic. 

The group process creates the ability to isolate specific knowledge catagories and locate errors or misconceptions in that specific study group.

The study groups and test are:   

1. CPL Firearms Laws 30 questions

2. Use of Force -14 questions

3. Handgun Safety and Shooting Skills 15 questions

4. NRA CPL Material - 25 questions

Select a study group from following buttons:

The program takes about 3 hours + to complete all groups

1. Use a link button below to access a study group and-

2. Complete study material

3. Complete the test

4. Submit test

I will correct the group test.

When you have submitted the group of tests I will send the corrected tests and a PDF copy of the certificate of completion and corrected tests back to the applicant with corrections and explantaions as required.  I will send an original certificate in the mail within 3 days of documents.

Select your study group here

Renewal CPL-  3 Green Study Groups

Initial CPL Applicant  3 green plus Red                            

Use of Force Handgun Safety Firearms Law  NRA CPL PPITH


 see 2 min introduction video

 Failure due to lack of preparation can be a cruel teacher when there is no chance of repeating the lesson.