CPL Training Advantage


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           The Top reasons you will want to train with Handgun Training Specialists


   Two programs that are designed to help you to get the maximum benefit of the class.


  Small class Structure


  Web based CPL Preparation Program - Extended training from the convenience of your computer that will help prepare you for the class and measure your knowledge with a CPL review written test. Included in registration fee.


 Our (SSDT) Shooting Skill Development training method:  Blended learning that includes web based training classroom, simulated shooting skills and live fire. This is a organized and effective process that will assure maximum retention of the class material from beginning to end.


Professional Staff


Gerald Wrage

Rick Billington

Corporate Attorney and CPL  Legal Counsel

Michael Klockow



Convenient features for a complete training experience


EZ Pass check in procedures  -

No need to bring your own handgun, ammunition, ear and eye protection.

We have the training equipment (including firearms) at no extra cost (Some limitations apply)



 Convenient Training Schedule

Schedule is published for a 3 month period

Classes are offered on weekends, weekdays, and evening

Classroom and range can be scheduled at separate times


Private and Open class Training

Attend a scheduled class or schedule your own
Private classes available at your location
Group discounts
Individual training



Take your training seriously:   Remember !  With eight hours of training for a CPL license you are accepting the responsibility that is attached to using deadly force for self defense. This could very well be one of the most important decision you can make. The decision to shoot in self defense is one thing you cannot change. Once you fire the gun you cannot call the bullet back. It has your name on it and it is a keeper no matter the results.

Is your Job Skill Performance up to the Task?

Factors that will help determine the outcome of a deadly force encounter are:

1. Under stress you will react the way you are trained !!

2. The two most contributing factors are Training and Experience

Now see 20 seconds to save your life