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           The reasons you will want to train with Handgun Training Specialists


HGTS - Technology and Teaching techniques to enhance you training experience


On line web based that brings the classroom into your home with the ability of face to face instruction

Student support through the use of  ZOOM  media.  We can connect with our person or one hundred

Hands on face to face instruction and test correction .



see demo


 Web based CPL Preparation Program - Extended training from the convenience of your computer that will help prepare you for the class and measure your knowledge with a CPL review written test. Included in registration fee.


 Our (SSDT) Shooting Skill Development training method:  A blended learning process that includes web based training classroom, simulated shooting skills and live fire. This is a organized and effective process that will assure maximum retention of the class material from beginning to end..



SSDT is Efficient, Organized and Effective Training
With SSDT we us the latest tools, technology and teaching methods to present a training program that meets the following objectives:

Training that--

• Is presented in a logical order
• Easily understood
• Conducted In the appropriate environment
• Achieves maximum student retention
• Assures student safety
• Allows us to assess student skills
• Correct errors as necessary
• Student Training Record Keeping :  This process tracks the student training progress and assures continuity of training. The process is done with a training skill work sheet and video documentation.  You will always know what you did, where you are and what tis the next step to reaching your goals.


CPL add-on training

CPL add on allows you to add addition skills not normal taught in a CPL or renewal class.

Upgrade training puts the practical and tactical in your shooting skills.

Online training, classroom and a law enforcement grade shooting simulator are used for upgrade skills.

Options are:
CPL specific simulated shooting skills
Shoot/don’t shot decision making

Non-lethal weapons:

The use of Pepper Spray and Taser for self defense Practical
and tactical Live fire shooting skills.


Law enforcement grade shooting simulator  learn more

Learn practical and tactical shooting skills

Learn shoot/don't shoot decision making

Learn the use of force self defense device: Firearms, pepper spray and taser


Professional Staff of instructors and legal counsel