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Bass Pro Shop                                                  

4200 Baldwin Road

Auburn, Hills Mi.

Located in The Great Lakes Crossing Mall  between Baldwin and Joslyn

Schedule and training 248-309-9579



The store opens at 10am.  enter at that time

To help you with handgun check in and facility layout

Please review video below before attending class


Handgun Check in Procedure video                                                                                           


Handgun Check-in instructions

To help your check in procedure go smoothly it is important to know a few things about the Law, Bass Pro and Mall policy.


Bass Pro Handgun Policy

   Carry the handgun on you concealed and it will not be checked and secured in a box.

  Without a CPL - Unloaded handgun must be in a gun box and no ammo in box.


   With a Concealed Carry License:

Avoid Handgun check in procedures - we will provide handguns for the CPL class at no extra cost to the applicant.


Handgun presented in a box

All those with or without a CPL that arrive with a handgun in a box are considered to be operating under the state handgun transport laws. Meaning the handgun must be unloaded and in an appropriate container.


Bass Pro Shop procedure for handguns that are in containers:

  • Give the gun (in the container) to the Bass Pro greeter.

  • The greeter will open gun box and check the handgun

  • The greeter will check to make sure the gun is empty and put a Bass Pro trigger lock on the gun.

  • This will assure the handgun remains in a locked condition while in the store

  • The greeter will then give the gun back to you in the container.

  • Wait for me at the greeter area (by the fireplace).

Here's how to avoid the handgun and equipment check in and lock down procedures:

See transport rules and procedures - read more

Ammunition and other accessories brought into the store must be declared to the greeter. The greeter will mark the container with tape to identify it as items you brought with you. ( not purchased at the store) 

CCW Renewal training times and programs click here


State of Michigan handgun transportation laws

TSA advisory

Warning - enforcement action Possible

Carrying a concealed pistol without a concealed pistol permit is a felony in the state of Michigan.

Failure to transporting a handgun under Michigan laws could result in a arrest and legal penalties

  • For those without a concealed pistol license

    You are required to follow the basic handgun transportation rules

     Handgun in a container

     Lock on handgun or container

     No ammunition in handgun or container

     Ammunition in a separate container

Handgun containers are--

  • The typical gun box

  • Soft pack gun container


Bass Pro Shop---

Failure following Bass pro handgun check- in procedures can result in being refused access to the store with your handgun.

If you have any questions or require additional information please e mail contact me at--


Jerry Wrage