(HGTS) is an outside provider of training that uses the Bass Pro Facility.   We are not employed by or act as an agent for Bass Pro Shops. 



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Handguns for training use:

1. All handguns listed below are available for student use in any class or training event at no extra cost.

2. Initial and renewal Concealed Pistol Class

 60 rounds of 22 caliber ammunition and a 22 cal handgun is included with our initial and renewal CPL class

Center fire pistols can be used at no extra cost; the student is required to pay for the cost of the ammunition.

3.  Other training events: 

 Handguns are available at no extra cost. The student is required to pay ammunition costs.

Long Guns

The firearm is included with the training at no extra cost







Smith and Wesson  Model 15   

38 Special

6 shot

4 inch barrel

Trigger action: DA/SA







   Smith and Wesson - Model 60 - 357 Magnum



    5 shot

    3 inch barrel

    Trigger action: DA/SA

Smith and Wesson - Model 642

 38 spc +p ammunition

Trigger action: DA only

Hogue Grips

5 shot

2 inch barrel


Smith and Wesson - BodyGuard - 38 spc.

Trigger action: DA/SA

 Shroud covered hammer to prevent snagging on material

5 shot

2 inch barrel

factory grips





Charter Arms - pathfinder combo -



   22LR and 22 mag


low cost target shooting and self defense

learn the basics of double and single action trigger

  CCW class Handgun 





Glock Model 19 - 9mm

15 rounds (14+1 )

Barrel length 4.02 in.
















Smith and Wesson -  Model 5903 - 9mm


16 rounds (51+1)

Double/single action trigger

De-cocker /safety













Taurus - Millenium - 380 caliber


Double action only trigger ( DAO)



  Ruger - LCP .380


  6 + 1 rounds




Ruger Mark III - .22  (3) handguns for use


10+1 Rounds


CCW class Handgun 



Kel-Tec PF 9 - 9mm

7+1 rounds

Single stack mag

One of the lightest handguns on the market





 CCW class Handgun 



(2) Browning BuckMark .22

10+1 rounds


                                                                                      Long Gun Training



                                                                                     Ruger 556 with optional optical sights   - call for more info










Mossberg 500 Persuader

Home and personal protection

20 Gauge pump

Pistol Grip Conversion



































4. l




Semi Auto handguns