Concealed Pistol Violations

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As with other thing in life the use a handgun for self defense comes with certain risk each person should be aware of and learn how to minimize the risk as much as possible.

A word of Caution

A person can be held criminally and civilly liable for wrongfully pointing or discharging a pistol at another person. 

This could result in trauma to yourself and your family, the loss of freedom, loss of employment and related wages and health benefits, and future wages and employment.  There is always the possibility of prosecution and/or a wrongful death lawsuit. 


Firearms violations come in three categories:

  •  Civil infraction

  •  Misdemeanor

  •  Felony

The usually violations are do to the following:

  • lack of knowledge

  •  misinformed

  •  poor decision making 

  • Disregard for the law

  • lack of proper training

The Type of  Violations most encountered are:


     Failure to notify



     Transporting vs carrying

     Expired license

     Illegal purchase of a handgun

     Illegal ownership