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 Why a CPL class Preparation Program?    Extend preparation study time, increase knowledge and   measure the results with a written test. 




1. The applicant is accepting the responsibility and liability that is attached to the use of deadly force.

2. The state of Michigan does not require or supply instructors with a firearms law written test. Therefore under that process there is no way to measure the knowledge of the applicant.  With the CPL Preparation Program  we can measure the applicants knowledge and the ability to apply that to CPL laws.  


3. Most people come to class with little or no prior training regarding the CPL and use deadly force in self defense.


4. Therefore when you consider the responsibility involved,  8 hours is not much training time.  Now this

 can be extended it to 12 hours.



5. The on line academic programs can be completed from the convince of your computer and are included in the price of the class.


There are two on line computer based programs (accessed as part of the registration process)

1. The Academic HeadStart Preparation Program long version  : (The recommended program)  This contains the complete CPL course and supplemental documents along with a two part test the CPL holder should know to own and carry a handgun.

        (1)  a 45 question firearms law and legal liability test

        (2)  a  15 question handgun safety and operation written test


2.  The "QuickReview" Academic program :  This program consists of PowerPoint, videos and PDF documents and does not include a review test. The Quick Review is designed for those that do not have the time for the complete course.


The logic of training:

A handgun is an emergency tool that is need "at the time" of the emergency, under stress and can mean the difference between life or death and the possibility of criminal and civil legal action.  


 Job Skill Performance and Confidence


   Factors that will help determine the outcome of a deadly force encounter.

   1. Under stress you will react the way you are trained !!

   2. The two most contributing factors are Training and Experience

  3.  Knowledge, training and experience will give you the confidence to perform the job skill of self defense.         see 20 seconds to save your life


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