CPL Renewal Study Guide

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Preparation course outline: see screen shot of prep web page


Preparing the way forward for the Michigan CPL applicant

The study guide is a required part of all initial and renewal training.

The course is designed to present all class material in one location with easy to use formats that will encourage student study participation.


   Class preparation contents include:

  Class legal information overview slide presentation

  CCW Class Firearms Law and Legal videos

  Handgun operation and Range Preparation videos

  Our CPL Class study guide Manual

  State Firearms Laws of Michigan Manual  

  Training Support Documents

  Legal and CPL update resources with registration links

  Learn how to find and use “the most used sources of update information”

  See 11 Legal updates listed by the date issued.


Why a CPL class Preparation Program?   

The applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application.  Meaning your training should meet current initial applicant standards.  It should and we can help !!

1. Your Responsibility -  The applicant is accepting the responsibility and liability that is attached to the CPL.

2.  No standardized written test:  The state of Michigan does not require or supply instructors with a firearms law written test. Therefore under that process there is no way to measure the knowledge of the applicant.  With the CPL Preparation Program  we can measure the applicants knowledge and the ability to apply that to CPL laws.  


3. Little to no prior training:  Most people come to class with little or no prior training regarding the CPL and use deadly force in self defense.


4. The preparation programs will extend the training time up to to 12 hours without increasing costs: When you consider the responsibility involved, 8 hours is not much time. 

5. Convenient format: The on line academic programs can be completed from the convince of your computer and are included in the price of the class.





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