Concealed Carry Self Defense

The Next Step(s) after the CPL

                  Reality Based Practical and Tactical use of a Handgun for Self Defense                                                                                                          



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Pre-requisite training and experience:

Student must have completed a CCW training course or equivalent and be able to demonstrate basic handgun shooting skills.

CPL Skill Application Training

The next step will be more important than the Concealed Pistol class itself.

The next step should involve the skill set you will need to use the CPL for its intended purpose.


The carry and use of a deadly weapon in defense of yourself or others involves the practical and tactical use of the concealed pistol license.


You must be able to (1) defend yourself and (2) stop a person with deadly force if necessary.

The fact that you can carry on your person the ability (based on your decision) to be the judge, jury and possible executioner of a personís life means the CPL holder/gun owner has more power than the state or federal judicial system.

Self-defense with a firearm is trial by gunfire. The taking of a human life is a homicide and therefore a justifiable homicide (the justifiable use of deadly force) is the only acceptable outcome. Anything less is serious trouble for anyone using a firearm for self-defense.


The skill set considerations are:

              Selecting the handgun and ammunition

         Gun gear

         The skills required to use the gun and gear for the indented purpose

         Self-defense handgun operation and shooting skills

         Handgun malfunction and fail to fire operation procedures

         Shoot/donít shoot judgmental shooting skills

         The use of non-lethal weapons in self defense

The ability to complete your skill set in a cost effective and organized manner