Gerald Wrage

Professional Instructor




The code of an instructor

The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a professional or a professional person.

Professionalism  exist only when a service is performed for someone or for the common good.

Professionalism    is achieved only after extended training, preparation, study, and research.

Professionals    must be able to reason logically and accurately.

Professionalism   requires the ability to make good judgmental decisions.

A professional    cannot limit his or her actions and decisions to standard practice.

Professionalism   demands a code of ethics.

Professionals     must be true to themselves and who they serve anything less then a sincere performance is quickly detected and immediately destroys their effectiveness.



 Gerald Wrage  


      30 years experience as a professional instructor and training program development.

  • NRA Certified Instructor - see certificate

  • NRA Range Safety Officer See Certificate

  • NRA Shooting Club Affiliations - See Certificate

  • Law Enforcement Training - click here

  • MCOLES approved firearms instructor

  • Michigan Concealed Pistol Instructor

  • NRA Law enforcement handgun and shotgun instructor

  • Reserve officer, training Sargent and Park Deputy 

  • Firearms law and  the use of force and deadly force in self defense

  •  Shooting simulator instructor 

  • Chemical weapons instructor

       Employment as a private Investigator


   Expert Witness Testimony

Concealed Pistol expert witness testimony  regarding concealed pistol Laws, legal Liability  and the use of a firearm in self defense.

  • Court appearances

  • Depositions

  • Simulated demonstrations

    A Partial list of Training and Education

   Detroit Police Academy crime prevention school.


  The University of Louisville's National Crime Prevention Institute

    crime prevention and security training - read more


   The Lethal Force Institute - training in the use of deadly force by civilians in self defense. more


  The National Criminal Justice Training Council  Law enforcement use of force Instructor. more


 Schoolcraft Collage Law Enforcement In-service Firearms Instructor and Police Shotgun Instructor .   Read more


   Contact information

   Ph: 248-309-9579

    Direct E Mail: Gerald Wrage