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Course Title:   Handgun Purchase Decision Making

Design Function: The programs are designed for small groups or private training

This is a on demand request program - Meaning a training date is established based on the request of one or more persons. 

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Course Description:  two programs designed for the new handgun owner and shooter and preparation for the concealed pistol course. These can be taken as separate training courses or as part of CPL preparation training. The student will learn the process of how to select a handgun that best meets your needs and safe  operation and shooting skills. This is an important starting point for all handgun owners and will form the basis for future purchases decisions and safe handgun operation.

Handgun Purchase Decision Making

Course length: 4 hours

Classroom: 2.0 hours

Range: 2.0 hours


The Training session is divided into three parts:

Part one: Home Study web based HeadStart Program -

Part Two: classroom

The student will learn all the factors and variables that are required to educated purchase of a handgun.

Part Three : Live fire range - test fire the handguns


Course objective:

Learn how to make the important decision about selecting a handgun is correct for you.

Learn how to make that important decision before you make the purchase?

Here are some considerations to help you purchase a handgun - read more

At the end of the training session you will have the knowledge of the variables that must be considered when purchasing a handgun. Range time is dedicated to "test shooting handguns" to help in the decision making process.   

The program is presented on a  "request on demand"  bases.  Meaning scheduled for those requesting to attend this class. The class is limited to 6 people

Class fee structure is designed to encourage adult members of the same family or friends to share the knowledge of how to purchase a handgun. This becomes a very important issue issue if two or more members of the family are going to use the same handgun.

Class Structure Highlights

You only pay for the ammunition you shoot

Usually about 12-15 rounds are test fired from each selected handgun. 

Cost of ammunition is the current "over the counter retail box price" and based on the number of rounds you fire.

Handguns are supplied by HGTS at now extra cost to the client. 

Option addition training - please call

Additional live fire shooting skills - as requested

Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance: 1.0 hours

Handgun Laws and the use of deadly force in self defense: 1.0 hours