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 (HGTS) is an outside provider of training that uses the Bass Pro Facility.   We are not employed by or act as an agent for Bass Pro Shops. 

Things you should know:


The state law requires a CPL renewal applicant to complete three hours of required training and one hour of live fire range time.

There is no written academic syllabus or required course of fire.  Just the statement "Required Training".  The logic is the renewal applicant should meet the same standards as a initial applicant and be able to show proof of training. 


Our training provides the applicant with organized content that is easy to use and includes all applicable material with a special section on new and amended laws.   


Below are study five choices based on the users live style, convenience and study preference.  

Live fire requirement

The live fire portion can be done on your own or with an instructor.  Your skills should be able meet initial CPL applicant skill requirements. 

If you plan on doing the live fire portion on your own.  At least one hour at the range - means the ability to demonstrate safe handgun operation and place shots on a 8.5 x 11 size paper at distances of up to 21 ft.  see range module. 


Please follow the instructions under registration and payment section. 


Class registration, date and  payment section


Renewal applicants are required to register and prepay

 Multiple applicants attending as a group  -

To help us process your training record each applicant

July 2018
Saturday 14 - Semi auto Handgun
Sunday 15  - CCW class
Wednesday 25 CCW class
Saturday 28 - CCW class

 August 2018 

 Saturday  11 - ccw
 Sunday    12-  Semi Auto Handgun
 Saturday  18 - CCW
 Saturday   25 - Semi Auto handgun


is required to submit a separate registration and payment form.                              


Registration and Payment is a two step process

First - Register -  complete the registration form  Click here .

Upon submission you will then be returned to this page for purchase selection

check your e mail for registration information


Second. Select and Pay options below.


To help the applicant prepare for the class you will be automatically

re-directed to the Firearms Law and Legal Liability class preparation program.

 This is at no extra cost and will provide the applicant with valuable knowledge and study time.

 Follow the directions on the program website.

Check your e mail for the payment confirmation. 

Questions call or text at 248-309-9597


Renewal Payment Plans

Below  are 5 plans to help you complete your State of Michigan CCW renewal requirements.

Payment is processed through the PayPal secure process.  Please use your credit card or PayPal account

Please NOTE: on line payments will show a payment to Protect Systems Training Academy, our registered company name.


Plan 1   Home Study - computer web based course class is prepay only. $ 60.00

At home training from the convenience of you computer.


Plan 1  $60.00 - complete purchase and you will be redirected to the CPL renewal study website.

Note: With plans 2, 3 and 4 you will be attending the legal portion of the original CPL class held at Bass Pro. Shop. Prepay below to complete the registration process and receive the HeadStart home study program.


Plan 2     (3) hours Classroom Training only $ 75.00

plan 2 $75.00

Plan 3     (5.0 hours)  Classroom academic and range: $110.00


Plan 4 - Complete CPL course: $140.00 - 8 hours (includes up to 50 rounds of .22 ammunition)




Plan 5 -  Private training $125.00  - Training to fit your schedule




Your responsibility - A note of Caution

Whether initial or renewal you are accepting responsibility for the law and legal liability applicable to carrying and using a handgun for self defense.

A person can be held criminally and civilly liable for wrongfully pointing or discharging a pistol at another person. This could result in trauma to yourself and your family, the loss of freedom, loss of employment, related wages and health benefits, and future wages and employment. There is always the possibility of prosecution and/or a wrongful death lawsuit.


Contact information

  Gerald Wrage - click here for more information

  Direct contact regarding this site - Jerry@michiganccwrenewal.com

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Phone or text  248-309-9579

Training location: Bass Pro Shop, Auburn Hills Michigan

Please direct questions or comments to offices in Rochester Hills.