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Convenient and cost effective CPL renewal training

Save Time, Save Money, and learn more

Learn all you need to complete your CPL renewal plus bonus content

Upgrade your CPL skills with our excusive Plus Factor Tactical on content

Deadly Force - The ultimate decision, maybe the most important decision

in you life.  Are you ready?


 CPL Renewal training and application process

Training Requirements

The applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application. read more


Three ways to process the renewal application - see below

1. MSP CPL on line Renewal

The Michigan State Police (MSP) Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Unit began accepting CPL renewal applications by mail and through the online system on November 1, 2018.  Those eligible to submit their CPL renewal application online will receive a renewal notice through the U.S. mail from the county clerk that issued their CPL containing a PIN.   Once in receipt of the PIN, CPL applicants may proceed to www.michigan.gov/cplrenewal to submit their renewal application. 

2. Mail form to MSP

CPL holders who receive renewal notices not containing a PIN are not eligible to renew online. 

However, you may submit a completed CPL renewal application, with payment, to the MSP CPL Unit, P.O. Box 30634, Lansing, Michigan 48909,  or

3.  Renew in person at their county clerk’s office.  Oakland County residence How To Apply

    Other county residence please see your counties website


Please Note:  The renewal training requirements and the application process are separate requirements.  Submitting an application form does not does not by itself complete the training required. Each is to be completed as described by state law.




  Renewal Class registration

This section includes training date selection and  payment section                                                                                             


Here are 6 plans to help you complete your State of Michigan CCW renewal requirements.

Registration and payment for any class will give you automatic access to the online class preparation study program

The online study guide is included in and is a required part for all renewal programs.

The online study guide program is used to meet the three hours of "required training" for the Michigan CPL Renewal.


 Registration  process Here

  1. Select class registration button

  2. Complete registration form and select class option

  3. Make payment

  4. After payment is submitted you will be automatically redirected to the renewal study program



Plan 1 -  Instructor guided On Line Renewal Training - 3.0  hrs.  Plus   Our Signature Program - $60.00  

Save time, Save money and expand your knowledge

The course meets and exceeds the three hours of "required" renewal training and is presented as a computer based online study guide program.  


The convenience of home study

Not restricted to a class time limit

Larger class content with more information

Written tests to validate applicant knowledge

Instructor classroom and range video demonstrations

All Training content collected in one easy to use location

Read more



 Plan 2 -   Online renewal training and range time 5.0 HRS -    $ 110.00 

 This is plan one with 2 hours range time

 Read More Plan 2

Plan 2 Registartion and Payment




   Plan 3 - Classroom renewal Training  $ 75.00

  Class content:

  3.0 hours of online Class preparation and study guide (home study)

  3.0 hours of classroom

  2.0 hours of shooting simulator time 

  Total training time:  8.0 hours

  Plan 3 Registration and Payment



   Plan 4 -  Classroom renewal with live fire range time:   $120.00



     Class content:

   3.0 hours of online Class preparation and study guide (home study)

   3.0 hours of classroom

   2.0 hours of shooting simulator time 

   2.0 hours range time


   Total  Class Time: 10.0 hours


Plan Four Registration and payment


Plan 5 -     8 Plus hour ultimate CPL course for initial and renewal applicants  - $ 150.00    

 More than just a license to carry a handgun. Rise above the crowd and learns what it means to trained to court defensible tactics.
 Qualify above the standard CPL class skill level with real - world reality based CPL training

Class content:

  3.0 hours of online Class preparation and study guide (home study)
  8.0 hours of CPL classroom
  3.0  hours shooting simulator
  2.0 hours live fire range time
  Total time: 15.0 Hrs


Plan 6 -  CPL Holder Upgrade Training - Bring your current CPL up to current reality based standards

Learn reality based and court defensible use of force tactics.  
See how our CPL upgrade program will give you the skill,  knowledge and confidence to use your CPL for self defense.




Course contents common to all programs:


 1. All training costs includes the on line computer based class preparation and study guide program.    see study program screen capture overview

 2. Classroom study manuals

 3.  Classroom facility costs

 4. Free subscription to our news letter and digital document library

  Shooting and Range equipment



  Ear and Eye protection


The HGTS Training  Advantage -  See the many advantages of attending a HGTS class

 See how our superior class content and production methods will give you the advantage to succeed in your training objective. 
 see more in our support
section below


Questions call or text at 248-309-9597

Payment is processed through the PayPal secure process.  Please use your credit card or PayPal account

Please NOTE: on line payments will show a payment to Protect Systems Training Academy, our registered company name.


Contact information

 Gerald Wrage - click here for more information

 Direct contact regarding this site - Jerry@michiganccwrenewal.com

Handgun Training Specialists

Office:  Rochester Hills Michigan

Phone or text  248-309-9579

Please direct questions or comments to offices in Rochester Hills.

                                                   Support Section - Training Enhancement and Program Descriptions   


 1. On line computer based Training

Cost effective web based training from the convenience of a computer.  A great way to supplement classroom topics and provide the time to learn more about important subject matter.  See demonstrations and explanations of handgun operation and shooting skills.

On line computer based class preparation and study guide -    A key component to our training programs 

Plus Factor Add on Training Content

Plus Factor includes two components of CPL initial and renewal training program

Training content that is part of the state CPL / Safety Training Program but is not included do to training time and range constraints

  The Plus Factor the CPL class plus factors that should be in the CPL training program but are left out do to classroom time limitations range
   live fire restrictions. This is done through the use of online training, expanded classroom, the use of a shooting simulator and range time.
  Plus Factors listed below can vary do to class objectives   

 On line class preparation and study guide - common to most all programs
 The use and operation of holsters and concealed carry gear
 Court defensible training
 Firearms law and use of force training

  CPL Self- defense shooting skills
  Simulated shooting skills
  Shoot/don't shoot decision making 

    CPL Range preparation













3. SSDT Shooting Skill Development Training



4. Two Day Training Events

   When range time is included with a classroom event the training is divided into two separate training events held on two different days.

  That will allow for proper attention to each training event without a exceptional long day of training.

   Flexible schedule:  Students can attended any scheduled class and range day.

   Range days are scheduled throughout the month for ease of attendance.




                                                                   Training Program Description Section



Plan 1- CPL On Line Renewal Training


The course serves as the 3 hours of required training as required by state law.

The CPL renewal content is a computer-based study program and consists of 3 training topics.  Each study topic has a written test that is completed by the student and submitted for evaluation.  The test is returned to the student with any corrections and notes as required.  

The on line study topics are:

1. Firearms law and legal liability

2. Use of deadly force for self defense

3. Handgun Safety and Shooting Skills


Study material is presented in several different document types: PDF, PowerPoint slide show, PowerPoint Presenter and Video.

Plus Factor add on training content:

The Plus Factor training has two parts and is added to the basic course to bring your training up to a reality based self defense skill level .

 Plus factor training is a classroom /simulator training event and includes essential items that is not done at the standard CPL renewal class.

Part one: 3.0 hours of simulated shooting skills

 Shoot/don't shoot decision making

 Shooting positions


Part Two: 2.0 hours

Live Fire Shooting Skills 

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 Plan 2 -   Online renewal training and range time 3.0 HRS  

 The on line course with 2  hours of range time

  Range time is posted for a 2 month period.   The renewal applicant can select form any of the posted dates.

 Concealed Pistol Course of Fire.pdf




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  Plan 3 - Classroom renewal Training  $ 75.00

Plan 4 -  classroom renewal with live fire range time:   $120.00

 Plan 5  -  8 hour  Plus CPL course for initial and renewal applicant     The Gold Standard of CPL Training  





 Plan 6 -  Current CPL Holder Upgrade Training 

 The goal is to bring your training up to a CPL reality based self defense skill level.

   CPL Upgrade training includes:

     Online computer based class preparation program

      The use and operation of holsters and concealed carry gear

     Simulated Shoot/don't shoot decision making

     Position shooting

     Simulator based CPL level shooting skills

Class content cost


Item hours hourly rate Cost
On line study guide        3.0 hours included in class fee   
Classroom 2.0 hours 20.00 $ 40.00
Shooting simulator with instructor 3.0 hours  30.00 $ 90.00
Range with instructor 2.0 hours 30.00 $60.00
Total Cost     $190.00
Total time: 10.0 hours    














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