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Convenient and cost effective CPL renewal training

Save Time, Save Money, and learn more  with our
On line Computer Based Training and classroom at your location

Register and receive our exclusive on line study program



 Registration  process Here

  1. Select class registration button

  2. Complete registration form and select class option

  3. Make payment

  4. After payment is submitted you will be automatically redirected to the renewal study program



Plan 1 -  Instructor guided On Line Renewal Training - 3.0  hrs. +   Our Signature Program - $60.00  

Save time, Save money and expand your knowledge

Register and Payment

The course meets and exceeds the three hours of "required" renewal training and is presented as a computer based online study guide program.  


The convenience of home study

Not restricted to a class time limit

Larger class content with more information

Written tests to validate applicant knowledge

Instructor classroom and range video demonstrations

All Training content collected in one easy to use location

 Add On Training  Training
3 hours shooting skill upgrade training       $ 40.00
 Simulated Shooting Skills
 Shooting Positions

 2 hours Live Fire Shooting Skills  $ 60.00

 Live Fire Shooting Skills

 Keep it simple and keep it safe will save the day. Learn the foundation of repetitive accuracy and multiple shot placement.


 Plan 2 - Classroom renewal Training  $ 75.00

Register and Payment


  Class content:

  3.0 hours of online Class preparation and study guide (home study)

  3.0 hours of classroom

  2.0 hours of shooting simulator time 

  Total training time:  8.0 hours






Contact information

 Gerald Wrage - click here for more information

 Direct contact regarding this site - Jerry@michiganccwrenewal.com

Handgun Training Specialists

Office:  Rochester Hills Michigan

Phone or text  248-309-9579

Please direct questions or comments to offices in Rochester Hills.