Self defense Shotgun - Part Two


In this class we put it all together. The student will learn to shoot form different tactical shooting positions and use cover for your tactical advantage.


The student will practice and have a thorough understanding of tactics and live fire skills before going to the range. 

This procedure will be accomplished through the use of simulated training equipment and procedures. 


Real Fire Power - The Ultimate self defense weapon

stress fire shotgun from Gerald Wrage on Vimeo.

ourse information training reference
NRA Law Enforcement Shotgun Training Manual

Prereqsites:  Basic Shotgun or Equivalent Training

Course length:          5.0 hours
Simulated training-   2.5 hours
Live Fire Range:       2.5 hours

Course content



Right hand barricade

Left hand barricade

Moving and shooting from different positions

Multiple target engagement


Equipment Requirements:

Ammunition: (55 rounds)

25 rounds of light target loads

15 rounds of buckshot

15 rounds of slugs

 Note: Safety is our number one priority.   To assure the participants safety in part 2 each person is required to take a physical skill agility analyses test. 

This is to determine your ability to safely accomplish each maneuver and shooting position before attempting these with a loaded firearm. 

These are recommended positions and not mandated to participate in part 2. 

With live fire exercises you will be allowed to participate in tactical skills that can be preformed in a safe manner.


Please call or e mail your interest in this class

Jerry Wrage 248-844-8274