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Contact Information: 248-309-9579



Who should attend:   Anyone that owns a semi auto handgun

The class is designed for small groups and individual training (one on one)


Maximum class size - 6 people

Class Format:  The class contains 3 part and is based on the NRA law enforcement firearms training manual.

1. Web based class preparation study guide with written test

2. Class content with simulated shooting segment

3.  Live fire segment


The Advantages of Training with HGTS see details here

1. HeadStart Training Preparation Programs - read more

 2 Our (SSDT) Shooting Skill Development Training Procedure  

 3. Tactical and Practical application of shooting skills with our LaserShot Shooting simulator



We recommend you bring your own handgun.  If you do not own one we have several semi autos and you can use one at no extra cost.

(The exceptions could be some specialty ammunition, gear and holsters.)


There are three recommended Semi Auto Training Segments

Based on your present skill and desired goal your options can include selecting one or more of the following segments

What you choose and how many you complete will depend on your prior experience and goals.


1. Semi auto handgun operation, shooting skills and cleaning   - 5.0  hours

2.  Tactical semi auto Shooting skill-  5.0 hours

3. Handgun Emergency Operating Procedures  -  5.0 hours

Total time to complete all segments is about 15.0 hours


Semi Auto Training Course Contents


1.  Basic Semi auto shooting skills  -

You will identify your handgun parts and there function, disassemble, clean, reassemble and review the operating manual.

 Learn basic semi auto handgun operation and shooting skills (necessary for advanced training).

Resource and reference material - click Here

 Training Time: 7.0 hours

    2.0 hours web based home study program

    2.0 hours classroom

    3.0 hours range time

   150 rounds of ammunition


Basic Shooting Skills include:

Shot placement techniques

Handgun operation

Loading / reloading

Use of safeties and de cockers


 Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance

Instructor will demonstrate and explain cleaning and cleaning equipment  

You will be required to disassemble and clean a semi auto handgun


2 - Tactical Shooting skill - 5.0 hours






3.   Emergency operating procedures - 5.0 hours

2.0 Computer based home study HeadStart Program. (Included in class cost)

2 hours classroom and simulated practice

3 hours range

100 rounds of ammunition


Course Content

How to prevent, recognize, and clear malfunctions  - read more

  • failure to fire

  • failure to feed

  • failure to extract

  • double  feed

  • stove piping

Shooting Positions






Introduction to HeadStart Training Preparation Programs

HeadStart training is what the name implies- To get a HeadStart on your training by doing the following

1. About 2-3 hours of web based preparation training with a written evaluation test before the class. 

2. Possibly some life fire exercises to meet the entry level of the class. 

3. Simulated training exercises built into the classroom part of the course to extend and recreate the live fire course.

and live fire cost very based on the needs or requests of the student.