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  Current Training Course Selection
  Hunter Safety and Shooting Skills

  Practical Hunting Skills

  Practical and Tactical Concealed pistol

 Shooting Skill Development

 Conflict and Violence an in the work place

 Active Shooter Self Defense and Safety 

Simutrain Introduction

 Simutrain is a division of Protect Systems Training Academy and operates as an extension of Handgun Training Specialists.

The training is designed around 5 shooting skill categories. From basic to advanced tactical training each category contains shooting skill sets and action scenarios designed to improve and advance specific practical and tactical skills.

The goal of Simutrain is develop the practical and tactical skill level of the the firearms owner by providing the reality based training necessary to function at the skill set level required by the student.

The training includes all levels of skills from the vary basic to advanced tactical self defense and law enforcement skills. We will take the person beyond the limits of the live fire range and teach them to operate in a real world environment.

The user can select form our programs or we can design training to meet your needs.

With our Training Program Development Center we can design and test, simulated and live fire scenarios before introducing them to the intended user.


Simulator training weapons and operation 



 Rifle and Shotgun

 Pepper Spray 




Categories of training                                                                        

Training  Scenarios                                                                         

Skill development training 












Target Practice

Contains 27 Scenarios. 

12 scenarios that use bullís eye and moving targets.

15 hunting sceneries that create a real world hunting experience.  Will accommodate up to four shooters

Hunting Skills

15 hunting scenarios that create a real-world hunting  experience  

Will   accommodate up to four shooters 





















Shooting Skill Development Training


 6 categories of shooting engagement drills

19 separate scenarios.

Training drills focus on the improvement of a studentís speed, accuracy, and decision making skills.  

Learn to think, recognize and react to a threat. 

Learn to develop the shooting skills to use firearm  as a self-defense weapon



Course of Fire 2 - Shooting Range


Fully inactive range that can accommodate that will accommodate training for up to four shooters and 20 targets types.


Target and light setting provide a shooting experience not available on the live fire range

Judgment skills contains

The active shooter

Violence in the work place

Domestic conflict


 Warning Ė Contains Graph Violent Content

The video clips are from ( real world) simulated training scenarios that contain graphic violent events and offensive language. 

Here you learn the skills of being the real "first" responder at an active shooter scenario and how to contain, deescalate and control aggressive and threatening behavior and stop with force if necessary.

Learn critical thinking skills necessary to make use of force and shoot/don't shoot decisions.

Learn the use of non-lethal weapons in the use of force decision making process.