Shooting Skill Development Training Method


            The method of training that creates reliable results





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Description:   SSDT is the science of effective training that provides the student the means to progress from their current

skill and knowledge level to their desired goal in a safe, efficient and organized manner that assures maximum retention of the

 class material. Training is done in the proper order with each phase connected to the other to assure continuity of training.


The SSDT training method assures we meet the following objectives: 
Assures student safety

Is presented in a logical order

Easily understood

Achieves maximum student retention 

Conducted in the appropriate environment 

Provides a means of developing disciplined training and study habits

Provides a means to assess and student skills and the ability to identify and correct errors as necessary

Track and record training to help maintain and evaluate student progress

Student documents and record tracking

 A student folder is created and data entered to track the progress and results of each session.

A Pictures is worth a thousand words:

A Video is made of select parts of the range shooting skills for the following reasons:

1. To help the student visualize errors and apply the necessary correction

  that requires used to record important parts of the range

preparation and live fire training.


The recording is used to show the student ways to improve their skills and the results of exercise. 

Range Preparation

1. Starts with the web based CPL Preparation Program

2. Classroom demonstrations and simulated shooting practice Skills
3.  Classroom skills are then transferred to live fire practice

The SSDT target is used in classroom and range to maintain a consistent application of shooting skills
Improvements are applied as necessary.

We divide and conquer the learning process workload by using the classroom to prepare for the

live fire range skills.

This provides a  learning environment that allows the student to acquire the necessary handgun operation

and shooting skills before going into live fire range environment.

Thereby relieving the stress of learning handgun operation and live fire skills at the same time.

SSDT videos