Handgun Training Specialists

 Handgun Training Specialist has been serving the citizens of Michigan since 1990. The NEW HANDGUN TRAINING SPECIALISTS  was formed after years of research into how to provide a flexible, convenient and cost effective training that will allow the applicant training that is at and above initial concealed carry permit requirements. 

Will provide on line computer-based training

Is not restricted to a predetermined class time format will allow for more study time. 

Includes written tests to evaluate applicant’s skillset.

Allows for simulated and live fire shooting skills.

Meet Our Professional Team with years of experience that will assure your training is done to the highest standard to meet and exceed expectations.

Gerald Wrage 248-309-9579


  •  NRA Certified Instructor
  •  Range Safety Officer
  •  30 – years of experience
  •  Former law enforcement and instructor
  •  Court expert witness for CPL firearms violations

Rick Billington 810-523-7660

  •  Associate instructor
  •  NRA Certified Instructor
  • USCCA Certified Instructor
  • Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Former Law Enforcement
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • 20 - years experience

Michael Klockow   248-390-3564

  •  Attorney at Law
  • Legal Counsel
  • CPL Firearms Violations
  • Full time practicing attorney

We subscribe to the  Professional Instructors Code of Ethics and Conduct.

"The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a professional or a professional person."

Professionalism exist only when a service is performed for someone or for the common good.

Professionalism is achieved only after extended training, preparation, study, and research.

Professionals must be able to reason logically and accurately.

Professionalism requires the ability to make good judgmental decisions. 

A professional cannot limit his or her actions and decisions to standard practice.

Professionalism demands a code of ethics.

Professionals must be true to themselves and who they serve. 

Anything less than a sincere performance is quickly detected and immediately destroys their effectiveness.