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 Approved CPL Class and Instructor Certification 

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) is responsible for certifying firearm instructors and instructional programs for the purpose of providing pistol safety training to concealed pistol license applicants as required in Public Act 381 of 2000. Individuals may also receive this training through a state or national firearm training organization (e.g. NRA).

See Act 372 of 1927 section 28.425j

1. Online and Virtual classroom training for the Initial CPL license

As of this printing the state of Michigan has not officially approved of the use of online or virtual classroom training as a substitute for classroom training with an instructor. The state of Michigan requires 8 hours of in class training with a certified instructor. 

State approved Courses and Instructor requirements:

1. CPL Course Requirements

The pistol safety training course required under Michigan law must be a program certified by this state or a national or state firearms training organization and provide at least eight hours of instruction. (EXA NRA)

There are 4 programs approved in the state of Michigan

1. The NRA (PPITH) Personal Protection in The Home course

2. MCRGO - The Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners

3. The USCC - US concealed Carry Association

4. MCOLES - Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards 

CPL training done by current or retired law enforcement officers that have been approved by MCOLES and the training takes place at an approved law enforcement training agency and the instructor is assigned a MCOLES number.

 Instructor Requirements

The instructor shall be certified by this state or a national organization to teach the eight- hour pistol safety training course required by Michigan law ( Same as program approval)

Check with the MSP CPL division if you have any questions

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The CPL online preparation study program is not a substitute for the onsite classroom training. This module will help prepare the user for the class and is not subject to  onsite  time limitations.

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