Handgun Training Specialists

Practical and Tactical training the handgun owner and the CPL holder




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Michigan Concealed Pistol Class


Concealed Pistol Renewal select from five programs to fit your needs.

 Handgun Shooting Skills  -Training for new shooters and improve your current skills.

 Semi Auto  handgun - basic and advance skills

  Concealed Carry Self Defense (CCSD) coming soon

Shooting Simulator   practical and tactical skills that apply to a variety
  of individual needs.

 Note: all programs can be scheduled for individual or a private group training.

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       Welcome to the future of handgun training


 Handgun Training Specialists

Training programs designed of the CPL holder and Renewal applicant.

Our small classes and individual training means special attention to the students needs.

We have developed a training system designed to meet the challenges facing today’s firearm owner. Our exclusive programs and procedures brings the skill of teaching and technology  to the firearms industry.

Through the use web based training, classroom, simulated shooting and live fire our Shooting Skill Development Training System (SSDT) is the core of our training that provides a unique blended learning experience.

At all times the student can track and measure the progress of their training which will help provide a consist and and reliable learning experience.


Our development facility allows us to design and test firearms shooting skill and self defense programs to meet our needs and clients requests.

 Our mission is to empower the student with the confidence to use the means and methods of personal safety and self defense for the protection of themselves and family. 


Some of the reasons you will select us for your next training class

Small class structure with special attention to the students needs is one of the guiding principles of our training philosophy.

Class preparation training programs    Extend your training time, increase your knowledge   without increasing costs.

Shooting Skill Development Training Method  Experience the advantage of our blended learn process that will help you reach your objectives in a cost effective and organized manner.

Reality based shooting simulator.  Take your skills beyond shooting at a paper target with our practical and tactical shooting shooting scenario skills.