Handgun Training Specialists

Handgun Training Specialists

Handgun Training Specialists Handgun Training Specialists Handgun Training Specialists

On line programs and Classroom training from our business to your home    Modular programs and upgrade training

Online Programs & Upgrade Training

Modules 1- 4 are online content for initial and renewal CPL. 

Seperate modules help isolate specific areas and provide a means to evaluate your knowledge of the topic. 

Also select modules for general study.

Concealed Pistol Renewal web based training

CPL Renewal

A four part online modular program that will guide you through all the 3 hours of "required" training.  Here you can isolate important topics and find the strong and weak areas of your training. 

Includes online classroom training.

Read more about modules below.

Use of Force - CPL Module 1 of 4

Initial and Renewal on line content

 Here is where you will learn one of the most important decisions that the handgun owner will make.


The decision to shoot or use other means of self defense.  You have more power that the state or federal government. You have the means of being the judge, jury and executioner.  Life and death decisions will affect you and  another person. 


Use of Force and Deadly Force

see 2 min video Use of  force

Firearms Law - CPL Module 2 of 4

Initial and Renewal online Content

There is no excuse for not knowing the laws.

This module is your guide to understanding and applying all state and federal laws and local ordinances.

You will learn how to find laws that apply to you, the CPL holder and handgun/firearms owner. 

Concealed Pistol Firearms Law and Legal Liability

Handgun Safety & Operation 3 of 4

Initial and Renewal online Content

Learn the legal and practical methods of  safe handgun operation at range, at home and while traveling. See instructor demonstrations of handgun loading and  type of trigger operations. See how to use snap caps for dry fire practice. And much more...…..

Handgun Safety and Shooting Skills

Initial CPL Module 4 of 4

Initial and renewal online content

This Module includes material that is specific to the  initial CPL course.

Because  the renewal applicant should meet the new applicant standards

both should complete modules 1-4.                                                                   


Upgrade Your Skills

Upgrade skills can be added to any module or taken as a  seperate course.  Upgrades can be scheduled as part of a group class or individual instruction. Combine any two or more upgrades and save money.

CPL Range Module

Initial and renewal applicant live fire

Learn practical and tactical shooting skills from former law enforcement instructors

Learn how to make accurate hits on the target. learn to make the first shot

your best shot. 

Shooting Skills

Shooting simulator

 Pactical and Tactical Shooting Skills

The only law enforcement grade shooting simulator in civilian use.

Practice the CPL course of fire, 

Learn shoot/don't shoot decision making . 

Improve your skill and confidence. 

A good course to take before live fire.


Live Fire Shooting

2.0 hrs.  Live Fire Shooting Skills. 

Learn the foundation of repetitive accuracy and multiple shot placement.

Keep it simple and keep it safe will save the day.  

Learn the foundation of repetitive accuracy.

Learn multiple shot placement.                                             


Pepper Spray

An important part of self defense tactics

Learn how pepper spray works

How to use it for self defense

Learn the laws and use of force applications 


Taser Training

Learn how you can be certified to own and use a tazer for self defense.

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